Card Sharp

5th October 2017

I have recently been experimenting with a new type of maze I called a Link Change maze. In this maze you jump horizontally or vertically to a new square with the constraint that the symbol you land on must be different from either of the two previous symbols.

However, it turned out quite difficult to make good mazes with this rule, and I was only able to construct one reasonably difficult 5x5 maze, so I thought I'd present it here, rather than adding it to Mazelog; I called it Card Sharp. Another problem is that I haven't managed to make this type of maze interactive, using the Maze Walker, so you'll need to solve it with pencil and paper.

Card Sharp

Start on the heart in the top left corner and jump horizontally or vertically to a cell containing a different suit. From here jump horizontally or vertically to a new cell containing a symbol that's different from the two previous symbols.

Continue in this way, making sure that the last three symbols you visited are different, and find the smallest number of jumps needed to reach the heart in the bottom right corner:


I'd be interested to know how long this takes you, but please don't post the solution in the comments.

Card Sharp Solution

Here's the solution to the maze: Card Sharp Solution.

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