Maze Walker

26th October 2012

I usually solve mazes with pencil and paper, so I assumed people would solve my mazes in the same way. However, when I showed Mazelog to people they invariably tried to click on the mazes, and expected something to happen. So I decided it's about time I did something about this.

JavaScript isn't my strong point, so I approached Rob Meek who has designed some amazing web sites incorporating ingenious JavaScript programming, including FontStruct, a free site that lets you design your own fonts out of tiles. He's developed a JavaScript Maze Walker that lets you solve my mazes interactively by clicking along the path on the screen.

Rob's Maze Walker overlays my maze designs with a path, constrained by the rules of the maze, using SVG to create the graphics. An Undo button backs up the path, and a Reset button lets you start again. If you reach the goal the program tells you how long it took you to solve the maze.

The Maze Walker currently works with the single-state mazes, like Daisy Chain and Arrow's Theorem, but we plan to extend it to work with the multi-state mazes at a later date.

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