Double Arrow Maze

16th April 2013

The standard Arrow Maze is a single-state maze. There is no point returning to a cell you've already visited, because you will have exactly the same moves available to you as the last time you were there.

Multi-state mazes are more interesting because you may need to visit some cells twice to reach the goal. One way to make the arrow mazes multi-state is to add the rule that you must follow the arrows in a specified sequence of colours; I've called these Pattern Arrow Mazes; for example, see Two Step. These are multi-state mazes because the moves from a cell may depend on the path you took to get there.

I recently decided to try and create a multi-state version of the 3D Arrow Maze, and the result is Double Arrow, in which you have to follow two green arrows, two blue arrows, two green arrows, and so on.

Here's a map of the maze to give you an idea of its complexity:


Don't look too closely or you may spot the solution!

I think the result is quite a lot harder than a plain 3D Arrow Maze, and hope you enjoy tackling it.

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