Bounce Arrow Mazes

1st January 2016

This month the competition features a new type of logic maze I've called Bounce Arrow Mazes.

The following simple example illustrates the idea. Start in the top left corner and find the shortest route to the target in the bottom right corner:


From the starting position you follow the arrow, just like in a normal arrow maze; so, from the arrow on the starting square you can go to any of the three squares to its right.

You continue in this way, following successive arrows. However, if you land on the octagon, your next move bounces you back in the opposite direction.

Continue in this way, and find the shortest route to the goal.

Here's the solution:


The bouncing octagon turns the standard arrow maze into a state maze in which you may have to visit some squares twice (as in the above example).

Got the idea? Now try your hand at the Pinball maze.

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