Tweetmazes Again

24th August 2018

How hard can a one-dimensional maze be?

In an earlier post I introduced Tweetmazes, one-dimensional mazes consisting of a string of decimal digits, so named because you could send them in a text message or tweet. Here was an example, with its solution; the number on each square tells you how far you can jump from that square, left or right, to the next square:


A harder Tweetmaze

Here's a harder variation based on the idea of Variable Jumping Mazes:


You start from the first digit on the left, and the aim is to find a route to the last digit on the right in the shortest number of left or right jumps. The number on each square tells you how the size of your jump changes.

The starting number is 4, so initially the length of your jumps is 4, and you can jump four cells to the right. You land on a cell marked -1 so now the length of your jumps is reduced to 3, and you have a choice of jumping three cells to the left or three cells to the right from that cell. Note that negative jumps aren't allowed.

Continue in this way and find the shortest series of jumps that will take you rightmost cell. I'll give the answer in a few days' time.

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