Updated Maze Walker

4th November 2020

The Mazelog site uses an interactive Maze Walker, written in JavaScript by Rob Meek. It runs in the browser, to allow you to solve a maze interactively by clicking on successive squares. Until recently there were certain types of logic maze that it didn't support, but I've recently managed to update it to handle two new types of maze: the Sequence Change maze and the Mirror maze.

Sequence Change mazes

This month's competition maze is a Sequence Change maze called Follow Suit:


In this maze you jump horizontally or vertically to a new square with the constraint that the symbol you land on must be different from either of the two previous symbols. Start from the diamond at top left, and find the shortest route to the diamond at bottom right.

Solve the Follow Suit maze using the Maze Walker here.

Mirror mazes

The Mirror maze simulates the path of a beam of light through half-silvered mirrors. Here's one example called Beamy:


The beam travels from the star-shaped light source, horizontally or vertically. The diagonal half-silvered mirrors can either let the beam travel straight through, or reflect it through a right angle. Start from the light source in the top left corner, and find the shortest route to the detector at the centre of the maze.

Solve the Beamy maze using the Maze Walker here.

I'm planning to give a harder Mirror maze as next month's competition maze.

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