1st December 2011

Caterpillar is what I call an Alternate Match Link Maze; in other words, you alternate between matching shapes and matching colours.

This makes the maze a multi-state maze; the paths available from a cell depend on whether you arrived there by matching shapes or matching colours. If you haven't already solved the maze, try it before you read any further: Caterpillar.

Here's the map of the maze; the numbers correspond to the cells on the original maze. Red lines represent matching shapes, and green lines represent matching colours, so the route must consist of alternating red and green steps:


Perhaps you can see where the name came from!

To get to the finish you have to change parity; no amount of wandering around the hexagons will achieve this. The only section of the maze that changes parity is the link 32-33.

The solution is therefore to travel down to this link, go along it which switches the parity of the alternating red/green steps, and then retrace your route up to 22 and to the finish.

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